When in OC Check out the OCRC (Ocean City Running Club)!

The mission of the Ocean City Running Club (OCRC) is to provide walkers and runners of all ability levels with a club that promotes training and learning opportunities and connects members through weekly events and other social opportunities. We encourage you to join us and grow with our club, our members and the surrounding communities as we plan new events and spread our enthusiasm promoting a healthy, attractive and fun lifestyle. The club meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday for group runs. Members enhance their experience with race discounts (OC Tri-running 20% off for races), a comfort station at local races with supplies and food at no cost, a place to drop your stuff at the races where it will be watched until your return, a shirt and/or gear during the membership year and meetings/social events at no cost. We invite all those interested in joining us for walk/run!!! VISIT: www.oceancityrunningclub.com We have a calendar of events listed on our site which shows our weekly runs. Thanks!!

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